What is dry needling technique?


Dry needling technique is an invasive technique done with an accupunture needle. We treat the myofascial pain develop by the trigger point.

Trigger point is an area of the muscle which it is formed by tight and weak fibres without a proper blood circulation who can develop a referred pain in other body area. It can be an active or non active trigger point. Active trigger point is painful in the touch, it develops a referred pain and it gives muscle spasm.

We puncture the trigger point of the muscle and move the needle in Star technique or rotation technique. Don’t keep the needle inside body’s patient more than 1 min, it is a quick technique. You can do it in a superficial or deep level, the superficial works more in the fascia’s restrictions and the deep in the muscle.

Dry needling might develop the referred pain or local pain and a muscle spasm in the area. At the end of it we remove the needle and do some pressure with the proper stretch of the muscle or isometrics movements.

Effects of the dry needling are:

  • Improve blood flow in the area
  • Release the muscle spasm
  • Get the muscle tired
  • Remove the referred pain


  • Active trigger point
  • Muscle tightness
  • Muscle spasm
  • Myofascial restrictions


  • Punction the nerve
  • Some dangerous areas close to the visceras
  • Wounds
  • Infections
  • Fear to needles

After the dry needling you might feel a shoreness pain during 1-2 days.

Our advice is to combine dry needling with deep tissue massage to release the area before it. Needle would enter in the muscle easier than doing it without the massage. After dry needling use cryotherapy, stretching or keep doing deep tissue massage.


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