Vald Performance Testing

How To Maximise Your Performance

VALD performance systems provide an athlete-focussed approach for understanding human movement to support rehabilitation, boost performance and reduce risk of injury.  We use VALD to gain an in-depth analysis of muscular strength to enable our expert Physiotherapists to collect real-time data and then tailor bespoke rehabilitation and training programs.

With our expert advice and guidance, we can increase your performance by combining both performance testing with a comprehensive strength program and repeat testing to achieve your goals and track progression back to sport.

VALD performance tests are utilised by many of the world’s elite sports teams and bodies including the English Premier League (EPL), Rugby Football Union (RFU), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Football League (NFL).

What Performance Testing Do We Offer?

At Anatomy Rehab we offer the following VALD testing:

ForceDecks – a dual force plate system for measuring neuromuscular strength, explosive power and detecting imbalances


ForceFrame – testing isometric muscular strength of multiple muscle groups with 130 exercises in 35 positions.

NordBord – the gold-standard for testing hamstrings power and imbalance.


Who Will Benefit and How?

  • Recreational, semi-professional and professional athletes
  • Return to sport post injury or surgery
  • Preparation for a sporting competition
  • Support existing and new training programs with data to identify areas for improvement
  • Help you to achieve your personal best in your sport!

Putting Your Hamstrings to The Test

Nordics are your friend!

The NordBord helps to accurately assess your biomechanics, hamstrings strength and power and identify imbalances through a range of tests.  Real time data is obtained via innovative technology to help identify markers and enable our Physiotherapists to measure your peak performance.

Let’s Get Physical!

Jump… Land…Squat…Push…Pull…

The ForceDecks are a dual plate platform used to assess neuromuscular strength, stability, asymmetries, and movement patterns.  Over 15 performance tests can be carried out including deadlifts, squats, split squats, vertical jumps, hops and more.

Live data retrieved from testing helps us to manage and prevent injuries, guide return to sport and make you stronger.

Unleash The Force!

The ForceFrame measures your isometric strength across the upper and lower body in over 35 different positions.  Equipped with advanced sensors, a modular frame system and fully rotational bar, the ForceFrame can be easily adjusted to accommodate upper and lower limb isometric testing, including neck, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle muscle groups.

Real time analytics and results help clinicians to prescribe the correct exercises to improve your isometric strength.

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