Vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction that involves the involuntary contraction of the walls of the vagina, making penetration impossible.  Women suffer regardless of their age, race, sexual orientation or beliefs.  Vaginismus can be treated with physiotherapy treatment program in a simple and painless way.
Patients affected by vaginismus have trouble finding a solution, it is difficult to know which specialist to go to.
However with a few sessions of physiotherapy, the problem can be solved.  It is important to understand that it is not only necessary to find a solution for vaginismus to be able to have intercourse or to be able to use devices for menstrual hygiene, but also to be able to have an annual gynecological examination that can detect any disease in time.
There are a lot of women postponing their visit to the gynecologist due to the pain they could feel with the visit. This is something that should not be avoided to prevent serious health problems.
Vaginismus is much more common than you think, but it is difficult to find people who talk about it openly.  Although it seems complicated, to treat vaginismus the only thing necessary to start is to make an appointment with your physiotherapist specialised in pelvic floor conditions.
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