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We work with specialized Podiatrists in Dubai with the most modern technologies to obtain the best results and will perform a biomechanical study and advice you about the need of any treatment or insole.


Podiatry is one of the branches of medicine that is based on the study and diagnosis of different pathologies that may occur in the feet.

In Anatomy Rehab, we focus on the impact that the feet have on the rest of the body, such as the knees, hips or back. To this end, we carry out biomechanical assessments, we study and analyse the type of footfall in walking and sports, taking into account the sporting activity and the needs of the person.

That is why in our clinic we use the latest generation of devices, such as the pressure platform or OptoGait, which allow us to analyse and get an accurate and reliable diagnosis.

Podology Treatments

When treating certain foot injuries, we use special insoles that we developed in partnership with Real Madrid. These insoles help correct the biomechanics of a patient’s foot, by minimising excess pressure on specific parts of the foot and releasing overloaded joints, caused by bad posture during sporting. As a result patients will have corrected and healthy biomechanics of the lower limbs. These insoles are personalised and tailor-made especially for a patient, using a bespoke mix of materials for each person, such as polypropylene, EVA, latex, poron and carbon fiber among others. These materials have different hardness and flexibility, as each foot has different requirements. These insoles co-created with Real Madrid are the most functional, thin and comfortable on the market – with many patients experiencing positive outcomes without even noticing they are using insoles.

The most frequent pathologies in the foot are:

  • Cavus Feet
  • Flat Feet
  • 1MTPJ Insufficiency
  • Forefoot Varus/Valgus
  • Hindfoot Varus/Valgus
  • Tendinitis
  • Fascitis and Stress Fractures.

Injuries that can be avoided when the patient is still a child thanks to child biomechanics. At an early age, it is possible to orient the growth of the foot structures to avoid possible injuries in the future.

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