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We are specialists in reformer Pilates in Dubai. We combine different techniques for physical well-being and we help people to restore, achieve and excel physically in our magnificent center.


Classical Pilates is an exercise method designed to strengthen the mind and body by working them in tandem, creating a strong core & lean muscle to form the support structure for our foundation bone; the Spine. Joseph Pilates, a man well beyond his time, dedicated a lifespan to studying the scientific and biomechanical nature of the human body before creating ‘Contrology,’ or what we now know as Pilates. He devised over 500 revolutionary exercises, all the while engineering various equipment required to perform them properly. Classical Pilates teaching adheres to Joseph Pilates original intentions & philosophies with a mission to maintain the technique’s purity and integrity.


With Anatomy Rehab’s vision to get you back to optimal health, introducing Pilates as part of its many disciplines is imperative to offering you the highest level of physical & mental progressive conditioning. Wether you are recovering from an injury or simply want to transform your body towards it’s “balanced ideal”…this method is made for “Every body”.


Pilates can be very effective for injury rehabilitation because it utilizes gentle corrective movements while stabilizing the body from it’s strongest chore. It builds movement awareness, balances muscle groups and restores proper function and range to the joints. The Equipment and its spring system was designed to work the body safely with low impact & resistance supporting the body back to it’s mobility & alignment. Making it an ideal environment for functional rehabilitation and optimal recovery.

Re Align

By aligning the mind and body to perform in tandem, you are able to access your inner power and cultivate the physical strength to move intelligently. The various joints of the body regain even distribution and the body re-stacks to function with more range, hence achieving ideal postural Alignment. This will allow you to move with more grace, power and confidence.

Re Define

By reinforcing positive postural and mental habits, you will be redefining your body to work towards its optimal design. Through practicing this method, not only will you be avoiding injuries but also optimizing your performance in any sport or modality. You will be able to move with more ease, gain more energy and build more stamina.


The best way to learn Pilates (and progress) is with regular Private lessons 2 – 3 times a week. With an individualized program best suited for you, you will see results faster.

Upon your initial assessment, you may wish to buy Private Packages at discounted rates for your convenience. We also offer Duet Lessons & Packages for two people of a similar level – this is a good way to work with friends or family members.

Our Group classes run in very small numbers (between 3-5 people) and are a great option for clients who already have an understanding of the method, and must have attended Private lessons before. Group classes are small & bespoke, ensuring a great workout at the level of the group. They can be on the Reformers, Mat or run a small circuit around the studio. We have STARTER OFFERS for clients interested in this option.

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