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We are specialists in Pilates and Rehab in Dubai. We combine different techniques for physical well-being and we help people to restore, achieve and excel physically in our magnificent center.

Classical Pilates

Classical Pilates is an exercise method designed to strengthen mind and body by working them in tandem, creating a strong core and lean muscle. Joseph Pilates studied the human body, stretching, and myriad exercise methods before creating ‘Contrology,’ or what we now know as Pilates.

Classical Pilates training adheres to Joseph Pilates original intentions so that each unique exercise is taught with a dynamic rhythm.

Why Pilates at Anatomy Rehab?

We invite you to have a movement experience no matter what your familiarity with Pilates may be. Sessions are taught by certified, classical Pilates instructors who must complete more than 900 hours of practice and tests to become certified. Instructors are required to renew their certification through continuing education courses, exams and continued self-practice. They will guide you on proper technique, and gently push you to do your best each day. Pilates is challenging, but it’s extremely rewarding when your effort pays off and you feel healthy and stronger. In addition to any assisted services (insert all things Anatomy offer link)

Is Pilates for me?

Pilates is for every person—every age, shape, and fitness level. Pilates improves sports performance, addresses injuries, improves memory, flexibility, and much more. During a session, you are working to engage all muscles all the time instead of individual body parts.

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