Myths about cesarean delivery

There are many misconceptions about cesarean delivery, and also many false myths based on a lack of knowledge. Each woman must choose her type of birth while knowing all the alternatives and being guided by the medical team to see whether the choice fits her pregnancy condition or not.

Things you should know about C-section

It is believed that the body recovers earlier, but the rest period should be at least 50 days while in vaginal deliveries it is 40.
Some people may think that the pelvic floor is not affected if they opt for a c-section because there is no labor trauma but that isn’t the case because the pelvic floor does suffer during the dilatation phase at 9 months of pregnancy. Furthermore, the muscles of the pelvic floor are activated at the same time as those of the abdomen, the damage in the abdomen that is caused by the incision of the Caesarean section will be reflected in the activation of the transverse abdominus muscle so it is going to influence the strength and synergy of the pelvic floor. That’s why it’s also recommended to visit the pelvic floor physiotherapist after a c-section delivery.
There are people who say that postpartum is less painful, we must know that caesarean section is a very deep incision that depending on each woman can cause a kind of symptomatology or another. there are women with a vaginal birth who have no problem recovering and also the contrary, There are women who have very good recoveries from caesarean section, all this depends both on their pre-delivery status and sometimes on factors that cannot be controlled.
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