How can we prevent feet problems while using high heels?


Most women usually wear heels, because this kind of shoe is considered elegant and stylish for the women shape. Many changes occur in the body when using heels. The higher is the heel, the bigger are the changes.

The most important changes are:

  • Pressure distribution changes

The pressure distribution over the foot can change while using high heels, increasing the pressure in the forefoot and the toes. Due to this, people can suffer from callus or hyperqueratosis.

  • Claw toes

While using high heels, the area which supports the body weight is reduced. The toes would try to increase their strength and give the body some stability putting themselves in a claw position.

  • Feet Fascia

Feet fascia is involved when using high heels, because it is working with more pressure and supporting bigger stress in the area.

  • Gravity center forward

Being on the toes advance the gravity center, so all muscles chains are involved and have extra work, especially calves, hasmtrings, gluteus and the muscles in the back.

  • Lumbar hyperlordosis

As I explained before, the muscles of the back try to balance all the changes in the body. The lumbar spine gets a bigger curve because of the heels. Due to this, the lumbar spine tries to balance the changes.

What can I do?

  • Stretching muscles

Stretching calves, feet fascia, hamstrings and back muscles are important to improve the correct movement and stretch. This also would be avoid the shortening of these areas (As we know there are a lot of women that use high heels and after a long time using them. They are not allowed to wear flat shoes, shortening of the calves and fascia).

  • Mobilize all the joints (toes, ankles, knees…)

You should mobilize all the joints, especially the feet ones. You should not forget about the toes, in order to avoid permanent claw toes or ankylosis in these joints in the future.

  • Change the kind of shoes

You should change from time to time the shoes you use. With this, your feet will take a rest. You will be grateful for it.

  • Visit the podiatry and the physiotherapist.

These profesionals can help you at this point beacuse they can check your footprint, skin, painfull areas, teach you some stretching & relax your muscles.

A lot of profesionals try to avoid high heels. In my personal opinion, you can use them but you have to be carefull. People who use them have to know the problems that they develop in the body, and take care of them. Also people should not wear all the time this kind of shoes, because they usually doesn’t have the correct shape for the feet.

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