Workplace Ergonomics Assessment

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An ergonomic assessment involves reviewing and analysing how an employee’s workstation is set up. This helps to ensure that working postures and ergonomic work practices are optimal in functioning.

By examining an employee’s workstation, we determine and minimise the risk of work-related injury and posture issues. Assessments can be made by analysing if the staff is desk-bound, warehouse based or on the road driving. In this way, we optimise their workstation set up and help to boost their productivity.

Common Conditions Caused by Poor Workplace Ergonomics

  • Risk of Workplace Injuries
  • Posture Issues
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Increased Risk of Strain, Tears and Sprains
  • Hernia
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Arthritis

Process of Ergonomic Assessment

Initial Inspection

The process, generally, starts with the inspection of the workplace. The team visits the workplace and takes note of the problems and accesses the risk factors. They take into consideration the type of chairs available for the employee and other such factors.

Images and Videos

During the assessment, experts take images and make videos of the workstation to get a better idea of the factors that affect the employee’s health.

Discussion with Employee

The assessment experts then talk to the employee to get feedback from them. This step helps to get critical insights on the prevalent risks they face. A series of questions are asked to them about the nature of their job, health conditions they have etc.

Report Preparation

Based on the data experts have collected, they prepare a detailed report. This report also includes images/videos captured during the initial phase.

Adjustment Recommendation

Lastly, recommendations for necessary adjustments are made to ensure the employee works in a proper condition with a minimum chance of suffering from any health issue due to poor ergonomics. Also, if the employee requires additional equipment, it is included in the list of recommendations.

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Benefits of Ergonomic Assessment

Reduced Number of Sick Leaves

As ergonomic assessment will help to eliminate issues that impact your health, you will no longer have to worry about getting sick and calling for sick leave.

Improved Posture

One of the major features of ergonomic assessment is to improve the posture. A bad posture can lead to different issues such as back pain, shoulder pain etc. However, after an ergonomic assessment by professionals, your posture can be improved. Therefore, there will be fewer chances of facing such issues.

Minimise Overload

Ergonomic experts, at Anatomy Rehab, will help to adjust your work desk in such a way that there is minimised overload on your joints, muscles and spine.

Improved Productivity

A great feature of ergonomics assessment is that it can help to boost your productivity. Since you will be working in your optimal health condition and common issues impacting your health in the workplace will be taken care of, it will reflect in your productivity. The result will be a satisfied boss and higher chances of getting appraisals.

Ergonomic Assessment at Anatomy Rehab

Anatomy Once the initial inspection in which the workplace/desk is analyzed. Also, pictures are taken for better understanding. The data collected during this inspection is then used to create a report. Then, a set of recommendations is forwarded to the client and their HR manager (if necessary) for making arrangements for necessary adjustments.problems are identified, they will adjust your workstation accordingly so that there are minimum chances of suffering health implications caused by poor ergonomics. Whether it is a poor posture or shoulder pain caused by sitting on the chair the entire day, we can help to eliminate these issues. With our services, you will be able to work to the best of your potential.

To deal with issues such as back pain, shoulder pain etc., we offer highly specialised physiotherapy. Our services also include pelvic floor physiotherapy, dry needling, Pilates, running assessment etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ergonomic Assessment

Is Ergonomic Assessment Important?

Many people fail to realise that backache, shoulder pain or strain in their muscles and other such issues are caused by their posture, which gets disturbed by poor ergonomics. This is why ergonomics assessment holds great importance. It can help one to identify the issues at the workplace that are responsible for their frequent sickness or pains they experience.

What Does Ergonomic Assessment Include?

It includes

  1. Rehab, a well-reputed physiotherapy centre in Dubai, offers the most professional ergonomic assessment services. Our expert team will visit your workplace and assess problems related to ergonomics there.

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