Little by little we began to be more aware of the importance of working the pelvic floor. Generally, women begin to hear about this musculature when they become pregnant or after giving birth. When they explain the importance of working on these muscles, we can quickly start exercising with it because it is something simple and can be practiced at any time or introduced into our usual exercise routine.
Sometimes, just with a couple of clicks, we can find a physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor with whom to consult if we have any problem related to this area of ​​our body, other times, it is the gynecologist or the midwife who recommends us to go to a review. When we realize the importance of this musculature, we begin to recommend to the people around us that a revision is carried out after childbirth or when they have any symptoms that we consider important. Despite this, there are still many things on the pelvic floor that we can learn, here are five things that not many people know about the pelvic floor
The pelvic floor is the inferior component of the CORE muscles ….so workout without activating the pelvic floor its like only workout one leg or one arm
The pelvic floor maintains the continence and becomes activated in every movement in which we need to maintain the balance… if we have urine leaks while coughing… jumping..sneezing… means that our pelvic floor is not becoming activated properly and we have to check why!
When the pelvic floor is not strong enough it’s easier to have low back pain, urinary incontinence, and sexual dysfunctions. … so to solve this problem we have to do pelvic floor exercises guided by a physic specialist in these treatments.
During delivery, if the pelvic floor is strong enough the head is rotated easily making a faster and safer birth
People with a weak pelvic floor increase the incidence of low back pain and the possibility of have chronic low back pain … this happened because the pelvic floor works in synergy with the muscles of the abdomen to maintain the spine.
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